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Tiger Balm White


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Tiger Balm white is effective for insect bites, migraine or nasal congestion.

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What is Tiger Balm White ?

The Tiger Balm White is an all-natural mixture of ingredients, designed to alleviate the tension of
headaches and the symptoms of the common cold.

Similar to the Tiger Balm Red, the White range can be used as a fast acting pain relief to soothe
damaged tissue and muscle pains, and comes with a number of sensitive benefits.

The balm is also known to reduce the swelling and irritation of insect bites.

How to use Tiger Balm White ?

The tiger balm is available typically in two variations: White and Red. The White balm can be used
for flu-like symptoms, along with the aches and pains that general illness brings with it.

With a less concentrated recipe of the ingredients used in the Red Balm, the White is easier to use in those delicate areas like around the nose and mouth.

The Tiger White Balm can be used for muscles and joints before or after injury. By using the balm in your general routine before strenuous exercise, you can prevent damage to the tissues and muscles during the activity.

You can use the Tiger Balm White over and over again. If necessarily you can use the ointment 2 to 3 times a day if pain is persistent.

What are the Benefits?

There are a huge number of benefits and uses for the Tiger Balm White.

– Gets rid of itchiness and irritation from mosquito or insect bites. Alternatively, as a preventative measure, massaging in the balm before heading outdoors can naturally repel insects thanks to the strong menthol ingredients.

– Tiger Balm White can also treat wooden furniture that may have been affected by nesting bugs.

– Reliefs pain in the back, legs and arms from muscle pain to exercise

– Sore throat? Tiger Balm White can be applied to the neck before bed to get rid of sore throats before they become a problem. Similar to above, with coughs and tight chests, the balm will unclog the airways to reduce the difficulty of breathing.

– Can be applied to blisters and burns to cool their temperature and help the skin recover

– The calm can alleviate tension headaches when massaged into the temples

– Clears block noses and the symptoms of the common cold or flu. Similarly it can be used to make the nose stuffy to rid you of annoying allergy symptoms.

– Prevents travel sickness

– Stimulates and improves the blood circulation to hands and feet when applied to these areas in times of cold.

– Soothes stomach aches cause by wind or illness

How does Tiger Balm White work?

The soothing textures of the Tiger Balm White stimulate blood circulation around the body to prevent or recover affected muscles and sinuses.

The menthol smell is strong enough to repel insects and clear airways.

Directions for use

Get the best results from the Tiger Balm White by applying to the affected area directly and massaging into the skin. Massage in till all the balm is absorbed.

Warning When Using Tiger Balm Products

When using any of Tiger Balm’s products it is not advised to use it on broken skin.

  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Do not use if you are allergic or sensitive to strong ingredients such as peppermint or
  • Tiger Balm Products should never be eaten, so keep away from the mouth and children
  • Always wash your hands after using the Tiger Balm White
  • Do not use Tiger Balm products when pregnant or lactating

About the Brand

Tiger Balm brand has built its own route across the globe.

Chinese herbalists in the 1870s created a pain relief ointment and set up a small medicine shop. Eventually, the business grew rapidly through Singapore, Malaya and Hong Kong, until the product was known world-wide for all the right reasons.


Natural Camphor (11%) increases the blood flow whilst contributing to the warming and then cooling qualities of the balm. It also acts as the main counter-irritant ingredients to soothe the
itchiness of bites.

Menthol (8%) gives a strong, cooling feeling which soothes the muscles and dilates the blood vessels. Tiger Balm Red has a stronger concentrate of Menthol and can be used for larger surface
aches and pains. Clove Oil (1.5%) is used in Asia as a local anaesthetic and a temporary pain reliever. This concentrate is much less than the Tiger Balm Red counterpart, meaning it can be used easier and for delicate areas of the body.

Cajuput Oil (13%) contributes to stimulating the warming feeling of the Tiger Balm White and is much higher than the concentrate found in the Red balm.

Cinnamon Oil

Dementholised Mint Oil

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