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Tiger balm: uses and contraindications



Against the pain

Tiger balm is a 100% natural treatment against the pain. It relieves the back pain and the muscular pains. It is also used to treat arthritis and tendinitis with the sportsmen. A light massage around legs and arms warm muscles and prepare them for the effort.

His efficiency is proved against troubles of the neck (stiff neck) and the nape of the neck. This balm relieves also injections of scorpions, bees, insects and snake bites before an urgent medical treatment. If we mass temples with tiger balm, the headache and the migraine decrease. If we add it a good dosage of cloves, it limits the raging toothache…

Other uses

According to the dosage of one or some of its components, tiger balm can have other virtues. With a massage around the neck and on the breast and the back, it loosens respiratory tracts, superiors and lowers. It’s a natural expectorant. It stops the nasal flow and relieves the inflammations of the ORL sphere.

With its immediate heating effect, the tiger balm is also effective against several forms of rheumatisms. Moreover, it activates the blood circulation and settles heartbeats. As natural antiseptic, it accelerates the healing of wounds…


The tiger balm must be used in small quantities, and with precaution with children which have less than 10 years old. It is strictly forbidden for the children of less than two years. This product is also disadvised at the pregnant woman’s. Also, because of the camphor which it contains, tiger balm doesn’t associate with a more or less long homeopathic treatment prescribed by your doctor.

On no account he must be applied to mucous membranes, eyes and irritations of the skin. The zone treated must be left with the air: cover it with a heating pillow or a bandage can cause dangerous inflammatory reactions at the level of the skin. It begins with burns and itches…


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