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As a pharmacist, Aw Chu Kin’s patients have requested him to develop a kind of medicine that could immediately relieve their muscular and other body pains. Aw Chu Kin had then experimented numerous deal of local herbs and developed a combination of many active ingredients that was very effective in pain relieving.

Tiger Balm do normally contain the blends of herbal analgesics such as menthol, cajuput oil, clove oil and camphor. In clinical and medical terms, the herbs contained in the balm has a chemical compound called Salicylic Acid which has an intrinsic quality that increases the threshold pain and helps muscles to relax in human beings. The unique characteristic of Tiger products is that it doesn’t change the body’s chemical balance in order to treat the pain but rather reduces the pain sensation by acting as a regular and local anesthetic. Moreover, it is completely stain-free and non-greasy so it can be used without worrying those things any time of the day or night even during at work.

Tiger Balm ingredients are proven to be very effective in penetrating deep layers of the skin. It goes deep into the various layers of the tissues in order to provide a long lasting relief for aching joints and strained ligaments.

Specific Uses of Tiger Balm Products: (Tiger Balm Red and Tiger Balm White)

  1. Relives Pain for Fitness and Sports Injuries – Pains includes muscle aches and strains and soreness caused by too much stretching at active muscles. Pain can be minimized or relived by applying the Tiger Balmregularly before and after the workouts to prevent such stiffness.

  2. Relieves all Joint Pains – The joint pains that is normally caused by injuries, arthritis and gout can be relieved by directly applying the balm into the aching area.

  3. Nose-Block, Earache, Throat Pain and Breathing Passage Congestion – All of this can be relieve by simply applying the balm to the affected part of the body. The Tiger Balm product will definitely come to rescue and relive your stuffy nose and eases the early signs of flu to give you a complete ease and comfort.

The producers or manufacturers of the balm are very eager to produce a product that has the same old style as it was originally developed. This was to assure that the quality of the product is always at a to-notch. However, there are some new additions made to suit specific use and purposes. The different kinds of Tiger Balm are now available in the market as Tiger Balm Red (original product), Tiger Balm Liniment (oil), Tiger Balm White (with camphor and clove oil buds that is perfect for very sensitive skins) and the Tiger Balm Muscle Rub (contains special tiger balm ingredients for stronger and longer term relief). The product is made from organic and all-natural ointment that has already been proven as a pain panacea by many people around the world.

When it comes to your body, we know that natural is best. Our local suppliers in Thailand provide us with the highest quality items whether it’s a Tiger balm to soothe your pain or aloe vera for your skin. When you’re looking for freedom from the aches and pains of this world, the last thing you want is a price tag sure to inspire a headache. That’s why our store offers the best possible price on all of our original products. While the composition of our products are universal, each product is nevertheless unique and locally sourced.

For relief from joint pain, we offer balms like Tiger Balm, in use since the 19th century, and Siang Pure Balm. For itching relief, try Monkey Balm or Chomthong Balm, and for congestion, headache, sore throat or a cold, try our Golden Cup Balm. While we focus on these products, we provide any product we believe in that is geared towards wellness for the mind and body.

Our soaps are 100 percent natural and come in stimulating scents like jasmine, green tea or lemongrass. Our alum stone deodorants come in a variety of exotic scents like mangosteen and turmeric or may be unscented as well. For your skin, use our concentrations of aloe vera to repair damage and protect you from the sun.

While many of our products are designing to stimulate, we aim to help you relax as well. Sip on a warm cup of chrysanthemum tea, and help reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure in the process. When it comes time to relax, we offer a host of massage oils in woodsy or floral scents like rose, orchid, orange, lotus, lavender or lemongrass. We also carry essential oils for ailments like depression, respiratory problems or loss of appetite.

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