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Tiger balm – Different types

White tiger balm

Its composition varies with the quantity and the comercial form :

  • the constant elements : it is composed of menthol (8%) and essential oil of mint without menthol (16%). Concerning the camphor, its proportion goes from 11 to 25%.
  • the variable elements : eucalyptus oil with a proportion ranging from 10 to 15%, essential oil of Cajeput (13%), oil of clove (1.5%)…

Here are its most common uses of the Tiger Balm : it helps those who suffer from respiratory allergy. With a massage on the breast, it opens the airways (nasal congestion, inflammatory pharyngitises…). After a light massage on temples, it relieves headaches.

Red tiger balm

In its composition, two ingredients represent over one third of the total volume : this is the camphor (25%) and the menthol (10%). The rest is formed by essential oil Cajeput (7%), peppermint (6%), essential oil of cassia (5%), oil of cinnamon from China (5%) and nail cloves (5%)… The duration of use of tiger balm’s packs extends over 5 years. Its properties are endless.


Here are a few : 

  • Relieving pain in muscles and joints.
  • Relief of back pain, headaches and insect bites.
  • Tonic effect for nervous and cardiovascular systems.
  • Release of top and bottom airways.

Yellow and green tiger balms

Its trade name is Pure Yellow Siang Balm. It is one of the strongest brand tiger balm. To 12 g, its main components can be classified as follows : 28% menthol, 18% methyl salicylate and 16% camphor. It is a product of sports massage. It relieves the pain of tendons and joints. It increases blood circulation by dilating blood vessels.  The green tiger balm is made from green herbs. Barberia Lupulina represents the most important proportion of it. It is sold in packs of 20 and 50 g. The green tiger balm is a product of massage for the entire body. It provides relaxation, refreshing sensation of wellbeing. It is effective against cellulite.  The oil of tiger balm is made from Nilgiri oil (Eucalyptus globulus) or essential oil Gandhapura.


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