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1. Acceptance of Terms

The customer acknowledges having read, at the time of placing the order, the special terms of sale displayed on this page and declares to expressly accept them with no reservations.

These terms of sale govern the contractual relations between ECHENATURAL.COM and its customer, the two parties accepting them without any reservations. These terms of sale prevail over any other terms stipulated in any other documents, unless prior express written consent.

2. Products

The photos illustrating the products are not covered contractually. In no case will ECHENATURAL.COM be held responsible if errors occur. Most products offered are in stock.

The goods remain the property of the site until ECHENATURAL.COM received full payment for the order. However, once the customer’s order is received, the risks involving the delivered merchandise are transferred to the customer.

3. Orders

In order to place an order, the customer first must be able to identify himself. Consequently, he will fill the provided form according to the indications, including the information necessary to identify him, in particular his first and last name, telephone number, email address, billing address and shipping address. Additional information may be later required to ensure the quality and security of the transaction.

The automatic registration systems are considered valid proof of the nature, content and date of the order. ECHENATURAL.COM confirms to the customer the acceptance of the order at the email address he has provided. The sale will be concluded only after the confirmation of the order.

ECHENATURAL.COM reserves the right to cancel any order placed by a customer found in a dispute over the payment of a previous order.

Through the information provided while placing the order, the customer commits to the following: in case a mistake was made while entering the recipient’s details, the seller will not be held responsible if he will not be able to deliver the product.

4. Shipping

After confirming the order, ECHENATURAL.COM agrees to deliver to its shipping company all the items ordered by the buyer. The products bought online are shipped to the address provided by the customer during the ordering process. For information purposes only, the average delivery time is 4 to 20 workdays-shipped from Thailand. The indicated period corresponds to the average shipping times plus delivery times.

Our carrier, “The Postal Service” will deliver from Monday through Saturday at the address you have provided. In case of absence, a delivery notification will be left in your mailbox. Your parcel will be then available for pick up at the post office you belong.

ECHENATURAL.COM must complete the order within 30 days from the day following the date the customer validated his order. Exceeding the shipping time is not reason for cancelling the order, for a reduction of the price paid by the buyer, or a damages and interest payment, as long as the customer receives the order within 30 workdays from the order confirmation.

All the orders placed with ECHENATURAL.COM are intended for the personal use of the customers; the customers or the recipients of the products are forbidden to resell part or all the products. In case of visible defects, the buyer has the right to return in the conditions provided in the Terms.

ECHENATURAL.COM is responsible with the proper performance of the contractual obligations in respect to the customer, as resulting from the contract signed online. Nevertheless, ECHENATURAL.COM may be exempted from all or part of its liability if proving the failure to perform or the improper performance of the contract can be attributed either to the customer, or to an unforeseeable and irresistible act of a third party to the contract, or a case of force majeure as defined by the French Law in force, such as disruptions, general or partial strike, in particular involving the postal services and means of transportation and/or communication, flood, storm, fire, war, riot, accidents and the impossibility of receiving supplies. The goods always travel at the risk of the recipient.

Similarly, the liability of ECHENATURAL.COM can not be taken into consideration in case of breach of contract due to stock shortage or the unavailability of a product. Finally, the liability of ECHENATURAL.COM will not be considered for any inconveniences or damages inherent to the Internet use, including service failure, external intrusion, or the presence of computer viruses.

Always check your parcel upon arrival. You have 48 hours for filing any claims concerning the carrier in case there are missing or damaged items. In case of damages related to the carrier, the recipient must file a claim against the carrier. No damaged goods can be reimbursed without filing this claim.

4.1 Customs

Any customs duties on products purchased from echenatural are payable by the buyer. echenatural advises you to inquire about the customs duties applicable on products shipped in the country of delivery.

Acceptance of the conditions: During the validation of the order by the buyer, the latter certifies that he has read the general conditions of sale and accepts them without reservation. The information collected by echenatural during the order validation constitute the only valid data in case of dispute between echenatural and its customer.

Price: The price includes the ordered goods, packing costs, shipping and tracking number. The price does not include any customs charges. echenatural reserves the right to change prices at any time but the price invoiced will be that in effect at the time of registration of the order.

4.2 Return policy

There are exceptional cases where your package can be returned to our company. Possible causes (non-exhaustive list) are:

  • Does not live at the address indicated
  • Unclaimed package
  • Wrong direction
  • Denied
  • Redirected
  • Incomplete address

Are also included in the returns of parcels, the reforwarding of orders by our customers. being in no case responsible for the carrier, we will apply the following conditions in case of return of packages:

For each of the cases listed above, or for any other reason causing a return of parcel to our company, can under no pretext assume the shipping costs of the forwarding of your order.

4.2.1 Redispatch

Thus, for each customer wishing a forwarding, a payment of the carriage costs via the Paypal Payment system will be required. Any customer refusing to pay the transport costs via the Paypal platform will not be able to benefit from a forwarding. As soon as we receive the payment, the order is returned within 24 hours.

4.2.2 Refund

If the customer wishes a refund of his order rather than a forwarding, we deduct again the carriage costs paid at the time of forwarding. The refund, once the amount of the delivery communicated to the customer and deducted, is made within 24 hours.

5. Price

The price is quoted in Euros.

The price listed on the description of the product does not include shipping.

The price listed in the order confirmation is the final price, VAT included.

This price includes the price of the products, the handling, packaging and storage charges, freight and commissioning of the products.

6. Payment

The customer will be charged the price listed on the order confirmation he has received from ECHENATURAL.COM

The product price is payable from the day the order was placed.

Payment is by credit card type CB, VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS.

The PAYPAL service helps you pay online via their secure servers.

Your credit card number is directed to the PAYPAL servers and your payment is made securely directly to PAYPAL, without going through the ECHENATURAL.COM, servers, thus offering the strong guarantee that your credit card numbers are only known by PAYPAL, our banking partner.

The order confirmed by the customer will be considered effective only after receiving the consent of the banking payment centers. In case of denial of the said centers, the order will be automatically cancelled and the customer notified by email. Additionally, ECHENATURAL.COM reserves the right to refuse all orders from a client with whom it is in a dispute.

7. Litigation

This contract is subject to the Commercial and Civil Code of Thailand.

ECHENATURAL.COM may not be held liable for any type of damages, whether tangible or intangible property, that may result from a malfunction or improper use of the sold products.

The same applies in case the manufacturers make any changes in the products. In case of difficulties implementing this contract, the buyer has the option, before taking any legal action, of seeking an amiable solution, in particular with the help of an assistant: a professional association in the industry, a consumers association, or any other counsel of his choice. It should be recalled that searching for an amiable solution does not interrupt the “short term” of the legal warranty, or the duration of the contractual warranty.

It should be recalled that as a general rule, and subject to the discretion of the Court, compliance with the contractual provisions relative to the contractual warranty require that the buyer honor his financial commitments toward the seller.

All reclamations or claims will always receive the needed attention, good faith being always presumed in those who take the trouble to present their issues. In case of dispute, the customer will first address the company to find an amiable solution. Failure to do so, the customer has the choice of addressing the civil court of choice.

8. Warranty

In no situation may ECHENATURAL.COM be held liable for the failure to comply with the regulations and legal provisions in force in the country of destination. The liability of ECHENATURAL.COM is systematically limited to the value of the product in question at the date of sale and this without recourse to the brand or company manufacturing the product.

You can contact customer service at no. (?) or by email at: contact@ECHENATURAL.COM.

9. Legal Information

The collection of personal information with the purpose of distance sale is obligatory, this information being essential for processing and delivery of the orders, preparing invoices and warranty contracts. Failure to inform will result in the non-confirmation of the order. According to the law “Informatics and Freedom”, procession of personal information about customers made the subject of a declaration to the Official Information Commission (OIC).

The customer has the right to access, modify, correct and delete the data concerning him, which he can exercise toward ECHENATURAL.COM.

Moreover, ECHENATURAL.COM agrees not share, for free or for compensation, information about its customers with third parties.

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