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Siang Pure Balm - Lemongrass essence


Siang Pure Balm - Lemongrass essence 20g

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    Siang Pure Balm can relieve many body aches and pains

    In Eastern traditional medicine, the Chinese believe that the Siang Pure Balm can relieve many body aches and pains, such as: pain in the joints, muscle-related pain, stiffness and other skeletal and rheumatism pains. Professional athletes use the balm for relief, and medical professionals advise their patients to try the Siang Pure Balm for aches and pains.

    So how does it work? The balm is a mixture of natural ingredients, such as menthol and camphor, that help to improve the body's flow of energy, which in turn relaxes the muscles and then reduces inflammation in the joints. This allows the tendons to heal faster, and the pain is relieved.

    The Siang Pure Balm is very similar to the famous Tiger Balm, however; this new version includes citronella, an essential oil that is obtained from lemongrass. Lemongrass essence has anti-fungal properties and is popularly used as a natural insect repellant! This Palm Sian Pure Balm in Lemongrass Essence is also now in a new stylish jar that will blend perfectly with your decor.


    • menthol 28%
    • methyl salicylate: 10%
    • camphor 16%
    • citronella oil 2%
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