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Moke flower essential oil


Moke flower essential oil 30ml improves mental balance and mood

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  • Moke Flower essential oil benefits and uses

    Thai culture has held on to powerful medicinal secrets for hundreds of years. The Moke flower, a star shaped and delicate bloom that grows in clusters on a shrub known as Echites Religiosus, contains an aroma that is powerful in more ways than one.

    This exciting plant's uses extend far beyond its rich scent, leading the people of Thailand to relish its capacity on multiple levels.

    Because of it's powerful components, the shrub is often used to adorn Buddhist temples, and can be seen all over Thailand as a symbol of strength and wisdom.

    Many believe the scent of this blossom to be even more intoxicating than that of Jasmine, a bloom already widely used in aromatherapy and beauty products. The sweet and vibrant aroma is able to transport a person to tropical climates and thick forests.

    Far beyond the exotic scent,Moke flower essential oil contains remarkable properties for improving body and mind.

    It is known to be a potent stress reducer as it improves mental stability; simultaneously waking up the cerebral process, yet calming frantic thoughts. Mere stress relief can do wonders for improving digestion and body function as well as increasing energy levels and overall happiness.

    The sweet floral scent of the Moke flower oil is bold, yet understated; Just the right touch to invoke a sense of fresh blooms after a recently fallen rain.

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