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Orchid essential oil


Orchid essential oil 30ml helps to relax

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    The orchid oil has always invoked a sense of the exotic

    Indeed, the orchid has its origin in the Asian Tropics. Our orchid essential oil is true to this heritage.

    Although orchid essential oil has been used in innumerable ways through the centuries, there is no doubt that the delicate fragrance of this oil is responsible for its popularity today in aromatherapy.

    That various scents have a substantial affect on an entire range of emotions is not by chance; our sense of smell is as fundamental in providing our mind with information about our environment as any of our other senses.

    This is why Aromatherapy is described by many as an alternate treatment for stress, promoting a sense of emotional wellbeing and balance. Orchid essential oil makes an ideal choice for scented candles, a favorite bath oil, a light perfume, a potpourri or simply used with a diffuser.

    We are in direct contact with the Thai producer of this handmade essential oil. This relationship affords us the opportunity to provide you this traditional aromatic aid in promoting health, balance and wellbeing.

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