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Lemon essential oil


Lemon essential oil 30ml purifies the air, disinfects, removes odors

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    Lemon essential oil created in Thailand

    Brighten your day and delight in the energizing aroma of lemon with a handmade.

    Lemon cleanses the body and the home and also promotes clarity of mind. By itself or in addition to other essential oils and ingredients, lemon essential oil can be used as an uplifting air fragrance, a powerful cleanser, an effective antiseptic and an all natural detoxifier.

     Some of the most common uses of lemon essential oil include its use as an all-purpose household cleaner and disinfectant, and its treatment of common skin and mouth ailments such as acne, oily skin, cold sores, ulcers and sore or bleeding gums.

    Caution : Essential oils are powerful, concentrated substances, before use directly on skin, dilute with a compatible carrier oil. Lemon essential oils should not be applied to the skin directly before entering sunlight. Do not ingest lemon essential oil before consulting a professional.

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