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Jasmine essential oil

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Jasmine essential oil 30ml fight against respiratory problems, cough, depression

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  • Jasmine essential oil is a must-have product for anyone who suffers bouts of depression

    The wonderfully uplifting aroma of this oil, handmade in Thailand and using the very fragrant blossoms of the jasmine flower as its primary natural ingredient, is well known as an anti-depressant.

    Because it has very potent antibacterial properties as well, Jasmine essential oil can help to clear up minor wounds and irritations that appear occasionally on the skin.

    Many individuals whose skin has been scarred by outbreaks of acne or boils find that by applying Jasmine essential oil on a regular basis, scar tissue ultimately fades away or it much harder to notice.

    Those who are troubled by respiratory problems and muscle spasms due to asthma, coughs and colds can be helped immensely by the anti-spadmodic properties of Jasmine essential oil.

    Women whose lives are turned upside down every month by the symptoms of PMS find that Jasmine essential oil helps to calm them and eliminate feelings of negativity and anger.

    Nursing mothers can apply Jasmine essential oil to their breasts to stimulate milk production. Because it is a 100% all-natural product with nothing artificial or chemical used in its creation, it is extremely safe to use.

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    Jasmine Essential oil
    michal d. on 04/4/2018as described. Quality Essential oil. Shipping took over 1 month. The scent is long lasting.

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