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Eche Natural : plenty of exotic balms and natural products

Do not hesitate to try and to use other balms than the commonly used ones in the West. There are plenty of exotic balms at Eche Natural  that cannot wait to be tried by you!

Thailand is the location where our production takes place.

This has the benefit for you of optimally reduced costs. A Siang Pure Oil, for instance, will only be $4.90 and the Red Tiger Balm will only cost $7,90. Unfortunately, such balms are not available in Europe: comparisons between prices are then difficult to be made.

Nevertheless, for sure you know the prices of usual Western balms that are sold near your location.

All of our balsams come from the arts of Chinese medicine. They are extracted from medicinal plants that will treat all of your muscular pains, cramps, stings or bites of insects, etc. In our shop you will also find gels against pain, sticks inhalers and many other products.

Purchases come directly from the source

Transportation is done at Thai Posts costs, which are really cheap. Please notice that delivery is for free and that this is really unusual when products are coming from foreign countries. Furthermore, prices are set according to quantity of order. Credit cards are welcome and PayPal can be used also for payments. Our online payment solutions are fully secured. You will then be able to pay without any fair of personal or bank information thefts.

Each one of our products is unique

All the products we sell are unique and the composition of each of them is always identical.

A description is available for each of our products, balms, sticks. Click on the “Categories” tab on the left side of our Website, then choose any of the shown products and click on the link “see the product” right below the corresponding picture.

All useful information is available there, for our red tiger balm, for our white tiger balm and for all of our other balsams in any other forms (sticks, inhalers, etc.)

Find all the needed help on our site

We are constantly innovating in the manufacturing process of our balms. Information is then always available at the top of our Web page about the new inhalers, stopping pain gels, balms or tiger balms that we are proposing to our customers.

Should you have any particular product in mind that you can’t easily find, just try our ‘Search’ field that is present on our Home page. The search engine that we have integrated with our site will help you according to the product name you will have entered.

A contact form is available also, so that you can contact us directly to get help. Do not hesitate to use it, you will find it at the bottom of our home page.

Finally, legal mentions, when and how to use our products and all other legal information are published on our site, so that our online commercial activity is respecting legality.

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